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Marina Rice Bader - “Anatomy of A Love Seen”
Jul 3rd, 2014 by mylesbianradio at 8:26 am
Denise has a great conversation with film maker Marina Rice Bader.

You recognise her name & face and you know she was a producer of "Elena Undone" and "A Perfect Ending" but Marina is flying solo these days as a director of a new feature length film called "Anatomy of A Love Seen" which debuts at Outfest in Los Angeles on July 18th. Here's my one-on-one, very candid chat with her discussing the film, her unique approach to film making- an improvised script- shooting in just 5 days, the idea behind a world-wide online release of the film (July 19th), her cast, the challenges of motherhood, Facebook, and what the future of film making holds for her. 

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