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The Lesbian Lounge - October 29, 2014

October 30th, 2014

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The original co-host is back for a show! Donna surfaces in the midst of the new "Guest Co-Host" series (we'll resume, don't worry!) Denise dishes out a heaping pile of sh*t to Donna for not being present in any form of social media. Big "Queer As Folk" shout outs and Denise finds a hilarious clip from Kate Hudson this week on the internet, News Bits & Hot Topics get glossed over, The Chick Music spotlight is on "Battle of You" - a UK based band with 'alterna-pop' flare, amazing female vocals and powerful sound. You can find them on SoundCloud: "Battle Of You". The Internet Golden Nugget this week is from Lounge listener www.LorraineHowellAuthor.com our friend, from her "Happy Lesbian Housewife" blogger days- and she's just published her first book "Memoirs of The Happy Housewife-You Can't Make This Stuff Up"- available on Amazon, Kindle, the author's site, or Sapphire Books. Hilarious stories, good chuckles and entirely relatable! A great Autumn drink recipe, some events: UK & US are announced, an old "Best Of" clip from March 2009 and the end song is "Rebecca" by Battle of You. Oh, HEY! Are you interested in co-hosting with Denise? Drop us an email: DeniseAndDonna@gmail.com 

The Lesbian Lounge- October 22, 2014

October 22nd, 2014

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We've got a quite a surprise for you! In our new ongoing "Guest Co-Host" series, we're thrilled to have (all the way from Winnipeg, Canada!) Sandra Sanchez of the "Change of Address" Podcast joining Denise for an extended show! We've got it all: some chat, some gossip, Hot Topics, an audio clip of Denise's SHE Magazine (www.shemag.com) interview with Jennifer Hudson, an on-the-spot live "Getting To Know You" with Sandra, some cool music by out lesbian singer Anna Gutmanis, who just so happens to be Canadian (www.annagutmanis.ca) and some lesbian gamer sites (www.lesbiangamer.com and www.lesbiangeek.com) So, take us with you any where, any place on any device, at any time- You can get both Sandra's show "Change of Address" and "The Lesbian Lounge" on Stitcher (the listening app available at the iTunes Store or on Google Play), and as usual, find us on Podbean, iTunes - follow us on Twitter @LesbianLounge, Instagram: ShakeGrrl2 or email us DeniseAndDonna@gmail.com - and we're always on Facebook! For more info follow this link: www.denwarner920.wix.com/lesbianlounge 

The Lesbian Lounge - October17th, 2014

October 17th, 2014

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It's "Guest Co-Host Night" in The Lounge and filling in for Donna is our long time listener Lori (LC) joining Denise all the way from Syracuse, NY! A super fun show- starting with the new "Guest-Co-Host" theme ("Alalapupala") and rolling right into Shout Outs and a big one to Julie Goldman. The girls discuss what a pain in the a$$ the entire month of October is (sort of). Gossip & Hot Topics are reviewed. Denise plays an audio clip from her recent SHE Magazine interview with Mary Lambert. The girls report on a great site for LGBT music support that boasts an impressive podcast, too: www.homoground.com Denise explored "Episode 136, with a spotlight on the music of singer, Hudson K. (www.hudsonkmusic.com)  A great time waster website called The Dyke Diaries (www.thedykediaries.com) spawns a little reminiscing for the ladies. The Drink Selection is a Vanilla Pear Cocktail for the Fall season. Events in the States and the UK are announced and a cute "Best Of" clip from Dec. 16, 2009 is played before the show ends on Hudson K's single "Stuck on Repeat" off the "Ourboros and The Black Dove" CD available on iTunes. 

The Lesbian Lounge - October 5th, 2014

October 6th, 2014

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A massive show once again! The ladies cover everything that happened in September- the start of pumpkin everything, Denise's birthday, her parents arriving in London, Gay James' news, Donna's partying with the work boys & nasty drag queens, her Jewish holidays, and more. If you make it through ALL THAT- there IS a show: with Shout Outs to Sanchez and SHE Mag. There's a TON of TV Talk with the Fall season underway. Funny Buzzfeed buzz, Hot Topics, a great "Getting to Know You" by listener Lori Collins, and a spotlight on music by Brooklyn girl "Angi3"- you can find this funky techno hip-hop artist on iTunes, Facebook or Vevo (search Angi3) or perhaps you've heard her music on "Jersey Shore". The Internet Golden Nugget is a fresh site that impressed Denise called www.teenfeminist.com by 14 year old New Yorker, Jules Spector. The Drink recipe is for a Black Cat, some events for October are announced and the End Song is by Angi3. Find us on iTunes, Podbean & Stitcher, spread the word, share, post & comment. 

The Lesbian Lounge - Sept. 7, 2014

September 9th, 2014

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A major, epic catch-up show! The girl's welcome Producer Vic's sister, "Other, other Donna" and everything that's happened in the last 3 weeks gets covered- from The VMA's, to the Emmys, saying good bye to Chelsea, slobber-crying through "The Normal Heart", new tires, old faces, big gay candy stores, and dessert shops- it's all here! Denise reviews "GirlTrash-All Night Long" and has a conversation with exec producer Stacy Codikow of "Power-Up" regarding the film. There's a web series round up, and TWO "Getting to Know You 2014" segments-one live, one not. Chick Music focuses on the group Saucy Monky (www.saucymonky.com) who have released an EP in 3 parts over the past two years called "Trophy Girl". Great stuff. The Internet Golden Nugget is a funky, full on website/blog called www.IdigYourGirlfriend.com We cap it off with funny fat girl flashback in a Best of Clip from June 28, 2007 and end the show with "Good Bye to E!" by Chelsea Handler & friends from her finale. 

The Lesbian Lounge- Aug 23, 2014

August 23rd, 2014

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The girls are back with a quick catch-up and Donna has a blast from the past; a poem she had written & recited at Denise's 40th birthday party almost six years ago. Some Shout Outs and some Hot Topics are discussed. A brand new edition of "Getting To Know You- 2014" gets underway with our listeners with NEW questions. The Chick Music Moment features young musician Freya Storm from Brighton, U.K. (www.facebook.com/creativestorm67) and the ladies also shine a music spotlight on binge-listener Coopie Coop (www.facebook.com/sarah.cooperider), Sarah Cooperider, who's reconnecting with her singing & guitar- with gigs in on High St. in the Columbus, Ohio area (BossyGrrl's Pin-Up Joint, Porter's Pub, Wall St. Nightclub) Also, the Internet Golden Nugget is Cameron Esposito, out, lesbian comedian featured in The Advocate, and on Conan O'Brien, you can find her on YouTube. We wrap up with a Autumn cocktail recipe, a Best Of Clip from Feb 2010 with Dana Goldberg and Coopie's song "Saddle Up". Email us any time at DeniseAndDonna@gmail.com & Follow Denise on Twitter at @LesbianLounge

Movies á La Queer - “Orange is the New Black” Season 2

August 21st, 2014

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"ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK" Season 2 - 2014 
Created by: Jenji Kohan
Based on "Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison"  
by Piper Kerman.
Starring: Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Taryn Manning, Laverne Cox, Uzo Aduba, Kate Mulgrew, Yael Stone, and more fabulous people!
Synopsis: We were left with an AMAZING cliffhanger from Season 1 last year, and I think it's about time we explore how good was Season 2 in comparison. 

The Lesbian Lounge - August 2, 2014

August 3rd, 2014

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The girls are back! FINALLY! Together again for the first time since May 18- and they have a big ol' super, fat, extended catch-up show complete with L Fest round up, Denise's special brownie fiasco, Donna's trip to NC, and more! Big shout outs to ForJayJays and Jaclyn Smith, our loyal listeners who met up in San Fran, also to Sandra Sanchez, and a few more. Hot Topics are discussed, a listener's email from May 28 finally gets answered, some cool new chick music is spotlighted featuring "Spare Parts For Broken Hearts" (find them on reverbnation or YouTube or Facebook), the Internet Golden Nugget is "Lesbian Crush Diaries"- a series of awkwardly, uncomfortable yet light-hearted books by Natasha Holme and her girl crushes available now www.lesbiancrushdiaries.com  A new summer drink favourite is announced and a Best Of clip from Nov 1, 2006 is played! 

Lesbian Lounge- July 11, 2014

July 11th, 2014

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Denise welcomes guest co-host and long time listener ForVaJayJay to the show this week, as she fills in for Donna, who's mountain climbing in North Carolina. (No, seriously.) The ladies discuss their summer months and what's been going on. Some shout outs are given. The L Fest festivities for July 18th-21st are announced (www.lfest.co.uk) and some new podcasts and web series are discussed. Some interview clips from Denise's chats with UK comedian Rosie Wilby, writer, director, producer Marina Rice Bader (www.AnatomyofaLoveSeen.com) and singer/actor Haviland Stillwell are played. Hot topics include "Orange Is The New Black", "The View", and Outfest in LA (July 10-20). The Chick Music Spotlight is on Haviland Stillwell (www.havilandstillwell.com) and The Internet Golden Nugget is www.tellofilms.com - the sponsor of this year's L Fest Cinema plus World Pride dates are announced, a Best Of Clip from October 2007 is shared, and the show ends on Haviland's new single "Detox". Thanks, VaJayJay for a great job! 

One on one -with writer, actor singer Haviland Stillwell

July 3rd, 2014

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Maybe you know her from "Easy Abby" or the SHE4Me video, and maybe you've seen her on the NY stage- but right now you need to get to know Haviland Stillwell as a sexy, singer - with her new EP "Spark"- available on iTunes. Filled with high energy, pop, dance mixes, written by Haviland herself, it's the perfect summer time blend of hot & cool. This is my one on one chat with Haviland as she gets ready for the big launch….