The Whiskey Rock Lounge

We’re powered by -featuring The Whiskey Rock Lounge, an all new Podcast and Zoom show with hosts Denise Warner and singer JD Danner. Plenty of good chat with entertaining guests and topics. Largely LGBTQ but inclusive to all.
The Whiskey Rock Lounge - Ep. 4
Oct 18th, 2020 by mylesbianradio at 10:04 am

Grab a drink and hang out with singer JD Danner and podcast host Denise Warner as they have a good old fashion discussion about their choice of whiskey, home renovations, binge-worthy TV shows and more. Next week, Lucy and Mandy Burton of the all girl band Eeek hang out, talk music and play us a song! (Apologies for any pops & crackles, we're living in a Zoom culture!) To watch our video: click here

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