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The Lesbian Lounge - November 22, 2014
Nov 22nd, 2014 by mylesbianradio at 12:35 pm

Major treat ALERT! Denise welcomes Katie and Naomi from as guest co-hosts in this special edition of "The Lesbian Lounge"! The girls gather 'round the table with tea, coffee, snacks, and have a big, long overdue chat! A wonderful re-cap of The Ultimate Planet Awards from Katie and Naomi's perspective, as hosts and creators, plus a discussion about the new look & launch of the updated, upgraded PL website ( The girls dish on US & UK entertainment news: who got married, who came out and what got cancelled- and more hot topics. Denise does an impromptu "Getting to Know You" with both girls. The Chick Music Moment spotlights "Me and Deboe" the dynamic music duo of Sarah & Mercy from the U.K. who've made their rounds in the States & Canada this year plus played LFest and at The Ultimate Planet Awards- ( Smashing guitar riffs and amazing vocals make these two a favourite on the lezzie music scene. The Internet Golden Nugget is - A "stop & smell the roses" site filled with sweet girl-on-girl pics & GIFs of PDA that will break the work or business monotony of your day with a even just a little glance. Ladies Events are announced, and there's a cool vintage "Best O"f clip from way back in January 2011.  The End Song is the title track, "Here They Come" from "Me and Deboe" 's newest EP of the same name. Please leave us a comment here or on iTunes and remember, you can find us on Stitcher, too-the easiest listening app out there- for ANY phone, available from the iTunes store or Google Play. 

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