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The Lesbian Book Club with Clare Lydon - Ep. 40
Mar 22nd, 2018 by mylesbianradio at 9:18 am

Welcome to episode 40 of the Lesbian Book Club with Clare Lydon as she interviews fellow UK author Jenny Frame, whose recent books have included “Charming The Vicar” and “Unexpected”. Jenny talks about her passion for writing butch/femme romances, having lead protagonists who are polar opposites, and also her busy year ahead with three more books in the works! Plus, she’s got a lovely lilting Scottish accent, so it’s a win-win.

Clare also does a run-down of the Amazon Lesbian Fiction charts in the US & UK, and fills you in on what she’s been up to, including releasing her latest audiobook, Twice In A Lifetime, as well as wrapping up The London Of Us, book four in the London Romance series, due out in June. She also features the start of awards and conference season, including nominations for this Lambda Literary Awards, the Diva Awards and EllCon, the brand-new European Lesfic Literary Conference on the block coming in August. For more on that, head to: http://ellconmeet.org/ Finally, for a free lesbian romance, head over to www.clarelydon.co.uk - sign up to her VIP Readers' Club and she'll give you one for free!

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