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The Lesbian Book Club w/ Clare Lydon -Ep. 62
Jul 20th, 2020 by mylesbianradio at 6:14 am

Welcome to episode 62 of the Lesbian Book Club with Clare Lydon as she interviews eight lesbian fiction authors and asks them how their 2020 is going in this Half-Year Summer Round-Up show. The eight authors are: Eliza Lentzski, Clare Ashton, Cheyenne Blue, Giselle Fox, Jae, Wendy Hudson, KJ & Lise Gold. She quizes on them on what they’ve learned, what they’ve written, the plans for the rest of the year, where they’d love to be and their future hopes. Expect high-brow answers, lofty goals and humour peppered throughout.

Clare also does a run-down of the Amazon Lesbian Fiction charts in the US & UK. She also outlines how she’s changed her publishing goals for the year, shifting her next London Romance book to January 2020. If you’d like to get a free lesbian romance from Clare, head to www.clarelydon.co.uk/it-had-to-be-you and sign up for her VIP Readers’ Club!

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