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Rag Time - Episode 23 - April 2018
Apr 7th, 2018 by mylesbianradio at 4:23 am

Even when they aren't technically "on the rag", they still find things to vent about! This month, Heather and Nicole crank on Trump ("ugh, he's still President"), then promptly tackle the issues of little stickers that come on fruit, the automated soap, faucets and hand dryers in rest rooms, the push/pull door dilemma, budget airlines ("Spirit can ruin your life"), family planning ("a hostile uterus"?), big city dwellers and more. So, buckle up, because these girls are unleashing some hilarious observations. Perhaps a bit more calmly today but wait til next month. The rage shall resume! Follow them on Twitter anytime @Puss_Cast and keep up with their regular podcast: P-Cast

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