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Aug 9th, 2017 by mylesbianradio at 10:35 am

Heather and Nicole are back this month with a few things that are driving them crazy, like how people think it's okay to bend religion to have it suit them, also what's with this wave of Internet ads interfering with our funny videos, yo? Nicole rants about trains and how they should be obsolete by now while Heather has a fit over white priviledge. Oh come on, World! Feels good to know that there are people out there who get annoyed just like you do, doesn't it? Follow them on Twitter @Puss_Cast

Aug 1st, 2017 by mylesbianradio at 3:13 am

If you're a long time listener, you know exactly what used to happen the Wednesday before Thanksgiving every year. It was our Drunk Dial Thanksgiving Eve show, and that's what we've got here. It was 2008, we were drinking, smoking and bothering everyone, including our mothers. Jemma was in NY, and calls in before she visited us for the very first time. (Who knew we'd end up married 3 years later??) We drunk dial Cathy DeBuono and Bridget McManus while we obsessed about what people were stuffing their turkeys with. Good times, Folks. Even if Donna thought it was a bad idea. A very bad idea. Enjoy these classic old shows all summer long courtesy of MyLesbianRadio. Follow us on Twitter @LesbianLounge and be sure you're subscribed so you don't miss anything. You can also listen to Podbean RIGHT THROUGH FACEBOOK NOW, so check that out! www.Facebook.com/GetYourKittyOnMLR 

Jul 24th, 2017 by mylesbianradio at 5:45 am

Another vintage Lesbian Lounge classic from back in February 2008. It's the day before Valentine's Day in the lounge. Denise and Donna welcome Paolo Andino, Steve Guarino and Kate McKinnon as guests while celebrating season two of Logo TV's "Big Gay Sketch Show". As you all know, Kate McKinnon now stars on Saturday Night Live, has been Emmy nominated and joined Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig in the 2015 remake and box office hit "Ghostbusters". Have yourself some laughs! Pass along the fun, mention us to your friends and fellow queer podcast lovers. Follow us on Twitter @LesbianLounge

Jul 18th, 2017 by mylesbianradio at 7:16 am

Enjoy some vintage Lesbian Lounge classics! MyLesbianRadio.com is proud to bring you some of our best stuff from over the years! Here we have Denise in London, Donna and Vic in the South Florida studio and it's two weeks before Christmas 2011. We discuss Denise getting thrown from a moving car on a quest for Stove Top stuffing, Donna singing a song about Manchester, a long time loyal listener submits a request to feature an LGBT bar in Syracuse, and we answer some questions from listeners before ending with a cool song by Natalie Killz. 

Jun 30th, 2017 by mylesbianradio at 2:29 am

Welcome to episode 32 of the Lesbian Book Club with UK author Clare Lydon as she interviews UK author Andrea Bramhall. who is the author of many books including "Clean Slate", "Nightingale", "Collide-O-Scope" and "Under Parr". Her books take in romance and crime, and she’s also a Lambda award winner with “Clean Slate”. Andrea talks about the inspiration for her writing and her characters, how she plans a book, tapping into her darker side and diversity in lesfic.


Clare also does a run-down of the Amazon Lesbian Fiction charts in the US & UK, as well as talking about the Lambda Literary Awards, listing all the winners in the lesbian fiction categories. Plus, there’s news of Clare’s next book in the London series, “A Girl Called London” which is out now - hurrah! You can find out more at: www.clarelydon.co.uk Plus, she’s very excited about her upcoming audiobook of “Nothing To Lose”! Get in touch and let Clare know who you'd like on the podcast! mail@clarelydon.co.uk

Jun 14th, 2017 by mylesbianradio at 4:39 am

Ah, we have some happy drunks in this Rag Time episode! Heather and Nicole, fresh from their local Pride Fest, dish on everything from a grungy, dirty Ed Sheeran being overplayed to micro piggies at the festival. Then it's on to horrendous stinky beer farts and technology overload. The range here is just phenomenal! Grab a beer and start farting while you tune in. Follow the girls on Twitter: @puss_cast and be sure you are subscribed to the MyLesbianRadio audio feed to never miss a show! 

May 9th, 2017 by mylesbianradio at 2:51 am

100 days, 34 minutes and countless piles of crap from the Trump administration! Today, Heather and Nicole call out the numerous bones of contension in a endless list that they meticulously pick apart in a vent storm to commerate this joke of a Presidency. So raise a TALL glass and gulp, sigh, groan along with these two as they unleash in May's "Rag Time" show. Keep up with the girls on their regular podcast, The Puss Cast. Follow on Twitter @Puss_Cast

Apr 11th, 2017 by mylesbianradio at 7:00 am

Ah, yes! Another menstrual fueled rant fest with Heather and Nicole featuring an in-depth discussion about peeing your Poise pad, a monthly Trump dump, guns, politics and rich people entitlement. Capping it off with fingernails as a topic of rage, the girls are once again spot-on while being all over the map. If you find yourself wanting more verbal explosions, you can catch these two on their usual podcast The Puss Cast. or follow them on Twitter at @Puss_Cast  Produced by MyLesbianRadio.com so be sure you're subscribed to our audio feed through Podbean or iTunes.

Apr 7th, 2017 by mylesbianradio at 4:58 am

You asked for it, you got it! A special Lesbian Lounge podcast with Denise and Donna in Florida from Donna's new house. Denise is in town after being up in Niagara Falls, NY where Aunt Joan passed away in March. We recorded a podcast to thank everyone for reaching out, sending messages and texts. Sharing some thoughts, laughs and tears as we honor the Meatball legend who loved coming over on Wednesday nights into the studio, bringing us food and a few giggles. Thanks, everyone for being there for us. This show ends on Aunt Joan's favorite song, "Love is In The Air" by John Paul Young. 

Mar 10th, 2017 by mylesbianradio at 5:47 am

After being down with a wicked flu, the girls are back with Episode 14. I'm sure you can relate to some Rag Time ranting on everything from the Trump Administration to plugs, cords, cables, dust, and kids in this newly uploaded show. Plus a little bonus message and song selected and introduced by Denise from MyLesbianRadio. For more with Heather and Nicole, check out their regular podcast The PussCast and follow them on Twitter at @Puss_Cast

Feb 8th, 2017 by mylesbianradio at 6:10 am

Blasting off 2017 appropriately with some venting about Tiny-Hands Trump, Heather and Nicole get things rocking when they gripe about their wives not answering texts in the desired amount of time and also recount each of their very different  "Women's March" days. As always, good stuff, lots of laughs and giggles. There's even a quick message from Denise, and the show closes on a song called "Trust No B*tch" by Junksista (available on iTunes, just like us!) You can catch more of Heather and Nicole on their regular podcast "Puss_Cast" here. Follow them on Twitter @Puss_Cast and follow Denise at @LesbianLounge

Jan 6th, 2017 by mylesbianradio at 11:11 am

An end-of-year podcast from Heather & Nicole, episode 12 is full of laughs as the girls mull, vent and rant in an epic show. Quick and to the point, you'll get the idea of what Rag Time is all about here. Happy New Year, folks. May your anger rage on with big laughs! Bring on the New Year! Listen to more of the girls on their regular podcast, Puss Cast right here.