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We‘re powered by -featuring The Rainbow Remix, an all new Podcast and Zoom show with hosts Denise Warner in London and singer JD Danner in South Florida. Plenty of good LGBTQ chat with entertaining guests and topics.
The History Of MyLesbianRadio‘s Audio Feed

Welcome to MyLesbianRadio! Started in 2006, the feed featured "The Lesbian Lounge" with your host Denise Warner who was living in sunny South Florida about 2 blocks from her best friend, Donna. These two lesbian best friends would basically broadcast their weekly 'Girls Night' to listeners, complete with drinks, smoke and snacks. The weekly crew consisted of the brilliant, nutty producer Vicki, revolving interns, managing partner and the referee JRoe, the ever-Donna-doting meat butcher Deb (now married to Donna) and sexy smart-ass Jemma from Australia (now Denise's wife!). With a focus on LGBT topics, Denise & Donna hosted live events all over South Florida, interviewed popular guests and showcased LGBT businesses, music, and media projects. The audio stream still features their shows and it's still as popular as ever. The MyLesbianRadio audio feed boasts over 4 million downloads from iTunes, Podbean Spotify and Stitcher.  You can find old and new podcasts on iTunes by searching "Lesbian Lounge" or "Denise & Donna" and as always "ReallyWow Productions" for the most current content. On Soundcloud, there is a compilation of clips from notable interviews and funniest moments of "The Lesbian Lounge" (search SoundCloud for MyLesbianRadio). In the past, MyLesbianRadio has hosted "The Whiskey Rock Lounge",  "The Lesbian Book Club with Clare Lydon" and "Rag Time with Heather and Nicole", "All My Girlfriends" (an audio, lesbian soap opera), "Inspector Detective On Chan Tay" (an original British comedy series) plus a few treats, like Classic Lesbian Lounge Shows, LGBTQ Wellness Updates & more.

Carrying on the tradition - You can now enjoy the all new "Rainbow Remix" with Denise in the UK and singer JD Danner from South Florida as they talk about LGBTQ topics and bring you Queer Entertainment Headlines from Nic Austin in Denver, and have some cool signature cocktails created by their house mixologist from Memphis, Tyler Routley from the trendy bar "Eight And Sand" and "The Gray Canary". They've got great guests including LGBTQ comedians, musicians, small business owners, directors, producers, actors, and talk culture and what's happening with a spotlight on positive strides for our global queer community.
On this audio feed, you'll find shows and specials with plenty of guests, including
Jane Lynch ("Glee"), Sharon Gless {"Cagney & Lacey", "Queer As Folk"), Michelle Bonilla {"NCIS", "Criminal Minds", "ER"), Carly Pope ("Popular", "24", "Suits"), Jill Bennett ("Second Shot"), lesbian comedians Suzanne Westenhoeffer, Kate McKinnon, Dana Goldberg, Vickie Shaw, Sandra Valls, LGBTQ authors Paul Burston, Rosie Wilby, Clare Lydon, musicians and singers Taylor Dayne, Martha Wash, British girl band "Eeek", Melissa Etheridge, Jessi Campo, Lori Michaels, Scottish singing sensation Horse McDonald, up and coming singer/songwriter Martha Moxon ("The Voice Kids UK"), producer Andrea Meyerson ("Women On A Roll"), Broadway composer Debra Barsha ("Tina", "Radiant Baby"), and MTV's "Real World: Miami" alum Dan Renzi. 

 Jane Lynch (“Glee”), Sharon Gless (“Cagney & Lacey” and “Queer As Folk”), Melissa Etheridge, Mel B, Heather Peace, Ilene Chaiken, Daniela Sea, Janina Gavankar (exec prod, and actors from “The L Word”), Jill Bennett, Christin Baker ("Tello Films) , Cathy DeBuono, Tracey Ryerson, Rolla Selbak, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Jill Zarin and Daniellle Staub (“The Real Housewives of NYC and NJ” of Bravo TV), recording artists Taylor Dayne, Martha Wash, God-dess & She, Bitch, Sophie B. Hawkins, Horse and comedians Judy Gold, Julie Goldman ("The People's Couch", "The Mindy Project"), Kate Clinton, Fortune Feimster ("Chelsea Lately" "Life In Pieces" "The Mindy Project"), Murray Hill, Dana Goldberg and Bridget McManus ("The Queen Latifah Show" "The Real")

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