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Rag Tiime - Ep. 16- May 2016


100 days, 34 minutes and countless piles of crap from the Trump administration! Today, Heather and Nicole call out the numerous bones of contension in a endless list that they meticulously pick apart in a vent storm to commerate this joke of a Presidency. So raise a TALL glass and gulp, sigh, groan along with these two as they unleash in May's "Rag Time" show. Keep up with the girls on their regular podcast, The Puss Cast. Follow on Twitter @Puss_Cast

The Lesbian Book Club with Clare Lydon- Ep. 30


Welcome to episode 30 of the Lesbian Book Club with UK author Clare Lydon as she interviews US author Suzie Carr! Suzie is a hugely popular author on the lesbian scene and her books include the likes of “Sandcastles”, “The Dance” and most recently, “Beneath Everything”, which focused on the healing power of diving. She also hosts a podcast called Curves Welcome as part of The Lesbian Review platform, she’s an avid blogger and describes herself as philanthropist as well as an author.

Clare also does a run-down of the Amazon Lesbian Fiction charts in the US & UK, as well as talking about the nominations for the Goldies, the Diva Literary Awards and nominations, and the new service My Lesfic from Ladylit Publishing - find it at www.mylesfic.com. If you would like to vote for Clare or anyone else in the Diva Awards, head on over to www.divaliteraryfestival.com/nominate-now.html. Plus, there’s news of Clare’s next book in the London series, “A Girl Called London” - due out in June - as well as the launch of her boxsets in the “All I Want” series. Plus, she’s very excited about her upcoming audiobook of “Nothing To Lose”! Get in touch and let Clare know who you'd like on the podcast! mail@clarelydon.co.uk