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Rag Time - Feb. 28th, 2016


Your big ol' lesbians are back with some griping to do because, it's THAT time of the month and everything is on our nerves- but this month Kanye is bugging us, along with Donald Trump, sneaky vag itches and millennium speak ("bae") just to name a few topics. So join Heather and Nicole of the P-Cast podcast and Denise from The Lesbian Lounge for RAG TIME -brought to you by MyLesbianRadio.com Apologies for the rice krispies (regarding sound quality in the last 5 minutes) Follow us on Twitter @LesbianLounge and @Puss_Cast

The Lesbian Book Club with Clare Lydon - Ep. 17


Welcome to Episode 17 of The Lesbian Book Club with best-selling UK author Clare Lydon as she interviews US lesfic writer KG MacGregor ("Touch Of A Woman"). KG is a prolific writer with more than 20 novels to her name spanning a long author career first in Xena fanfic, and now in lesfic. She talks about her writing process, how her style has evolved and her future plans, as well as outlining her role as president of the Lambda Literary Association. Find out all this & more in our ace chat! Clare also does a run-down of the Amazon lesbian fiction charts in the US & UK, as well as sharing what she's been up to of late - mainly writing books and baking cakes. Get in touch with Clare and let her know who you’d like as a guest on the show: mail@clarelydon.co.uk

The Lesbian Lounge - Feb. 11, 2016


The Lesbian Lounge is back! Full scoop on the new shows you'll find at MyLesbianRadio, plus a recap of the past few weeks with some LGBT news, sports and a little 80's music all jammed into one crackly, crappy sounding show, for which I apologize. Have some fun anyway. Happy February, folks. Follow on Twitter @LesbianLounge, write in to: TheLesbianLoungePodcast@gmail.com and visit the website at MyLesbianRadio.com

Music For Your Soul with Sarah Cooperider


Here's a little teaser about our new show "Music For Your Soul with Sarah Cooperider"- starting next month. Sarah talks about the new show, the inspiration for it, what it means to her, what she'll be doing and she leaks who the first guest will be PLUS she also drops the release date her first ever studio LP, "Heart On Fire" along with her single "The Good Life".  Welcome to the MyLesbianRadio family, Sarah! 

Funny Business”- The Women of Stand-Up: Lara A King


MyLesbianRadio presents: "Kerry Leigh's Funny Business- The Women of Stand-Up"  Join U.K.based stand-up comedian Kerry Leigh hosting some in-depth chats women who make a living in the funny business of stand-up comedy. Catch up with Kerry each month as she talks with women comedians from the U.K. and the U.S. about their comedy, the business of it, the inspiration for it and more. In her first show, Kerry talks to funny lady Lara A King -a stand-up comedian, musician, cabaret host and emcee in the U.K. Follow her on Facebook at Lara A King and catch this YouTube clip of Lara. For more on Kerry, click here

Rag Time: Feb. 2, 2016


It's THAT time of the month, ladies. It all comes to a boiling point when Heather and Nicole of the "Puss_Cast" podcast join Denise of "The Lesbian Lounge" to get a few things off their chest! You know what it's like when just about everything annoys you because your PMS is at its peak.... so here's a burst of therapy as the girls get together to fire off what's on their minds.

You can listen to more of Heather and Nicole here: Puss_Cast Podcast