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Sep 9th, 2014 by mylesbianradio at 10:43 am

A major, epic catch-up show! The girl's welcome Producer Vic's sister, "Other, other Donna" and everything that's happened in the last 3 weeks gets covered- from The VMA's, to the Emmys, saying good bye to Chelsea, slobber-crying through "The Normal Heart", new tires, old faces, big gay candy stores, and dessert shops- it's all here! Denise reviews "GirlTrash-All Night Long" and has a conversation with exec producer Stacy Codikow of "Power-Up" regarding the film. There's a web series round up, and TWO "Getting to Know You 2014" segments-one live, one not. Chick Music focuses on the group Saucy Monky (www.saucymonky.com) who have released an EP in 3 parts over the past two years called "Trophy Girl". Great stuff. The Internet Golden Nugget is a funky, full on website/blog called www.IdigYourGirlfriend.com We cap it off with funny fat girl flashback in a Best of Clip from June 28, 2007 and end the show with "Good Bye to E!" by Chelsea Handler & friends from her finale.