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Sep 28th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 9:41 pm

The girls review their week's starting with Denise's birthday festivities and then onto Donna's insane obsession with "Breaking Bad". A few quick shout outs to Horse, who has a new & interesting contest that you can read about and enter (www.randan.org) and those lucky girls at www.planet-london.com scoring a major interview with the red hot Lucy Spraggan. Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard of the hilarious new web series "Roomies" join the girls for big, ol' gay chat about all things Julie & Brandy! Check out the series on OneMoreLesbian.com/tello to get your lezzie laugh on. Some hot topics are discussed, a fun Getting To Know You, and a new music spotlight on the UK's Nicky Mitchell- www.nickymitchell.wix.com for some mad guitar skills combined with a smooth, silky voice. The Internet Golden Nugget this week is "Adventures in Loserville"- a funny new blog you can find on the esteemed Australian lesbian LOTL website or by following this: www.LOTL.com/Adventures-In-Loserville  It's written by two twenty-something lesbians, who moved in together just after they began dating and are finding out about each other's annoying habits. Plus a super cool Halloween Drink recipe and a run down of events from all over! Don't miss out on some major announcements coming soon from MyLesbianRadio.com -so keep your ears peeled!

Sep 18th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 9:59 pm


Big, stinky tech issues tonight, and we apologise, BUT- it was still a crackin' show! For starters- kitty talk, and weekend highlights. Shout Outs to Cindy Edwards and Laurie Kilby of L-Fest, for completing the 200 mile bike ride to Paris to raise a whopping £2500 for a children's orphanage in Peru! Well done, girls! A big bon voyage to the Sweeties as they head to PlayaCar, Mexico for a www.discoversweet.com vacation! A teaser of Denise & Donna's featured interview by the Planet-London girls, Katie & Naomi (www.planet-london.com) To hear the whole interview go to: http://www.planet-london.com/featuredandrecommended.html -Some hot topics are discussed from the headlines. A stellar new music find: Faye Patton (www.fayepatton.com) for some sweet-ass jazz by a talented musician & vocalist who rung our bell at L-Fest this past July when she played with Lazy Hammock. The Internet Golden Nugget this week is www.lesbrary.com - a comprehensive collection of all things related to lesbian books and also a tasty Drink of the Week PLUS a long list of lesbian events & happenings for Sept & October in the U.S. and the U.K. (A HUGE THANKS to Sara for getting this podcast up in lightening speed!) Drop a Happy Birthday to Denise on her Facebook page!

Sep 14th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 11:18 am

The girls jump right in with a "WomenFest Key West Wrap Up"  call courtesy of comedian Christine O' Leary, who was there in the middle of the lezzie madness! Christine shares some of the highlights, including Diana Nyad's swimming in, and the Pearl's Bikini Contest, plus the music & fun all over the island. Shout outs to "Roomies"-making it's debut at OneMoreLesbian.com/tello starring Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard. A blast from our past does the "Getting to Know You" interview. The New Music spotlight is on Krissy Krissy -out musician & Brookyn girl with some great music- www.krissykrissy.com for bio, pics, music & tour dates. The Internet Golden Nugget this Week is www.thefabfemme.com - a splashy, informative celebration of queer entertainment & more. A recipe for 'Autumn Sangria' that features apple cider & ginger brandy for your upcoming holidays is recommended. Like good lesbians, the girls swap cat stories before a run down of events from Australia, the UK and the States! Follow us on Twitter @LesbianLounge or join our Facebook group by request at www.Facebook.com/groups/DeniseAndDonnaTLL 

Stay tuned for a twisted interview of us by www.Planet-London.com and we have guests Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard, and more this September! 

Sep 8th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 11:54 am

The girls kick it off with ..what else? Food Talk. Denise's "ESPN Celebration" feast and Donna's Jewish New Year food. Some shout outs are announced, some news clips are discussed and a great "Getting To Know You" with Lori Collins. The New Music spotlight is on Tender Forever, a French-American musician (www.tenderforever.com) with a cool, funky, unique sound. The ladies tackle a question from TheLesbianQuestion.com -Some cool internet finds: www.wingmaam.com and www.lagrandemaison.net for an LGBT B & B in France complete with a wine tour! The girls have a good old fashion catch up with Cathy DeBuono, the Sweet Travel All Star Poker girl, and actor & producer ("We Have to Stop Now" "Out At The Wedding") and the girls wrap with some events from all over. 

Sep 1st, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 10:43 pm

A great night in the Lounge starting with a weekly rewind- as Denise describes her Bank Holiday weekend, and Donna gives the details of a foo-foo shee-shee fundraiser & a date night dinner in the new suburbia hot spot. The ladies welcome Wendy Jo Carlton (writer/director "Easy Abby", "Hannah Free" and "Jessie and Jamie Are Not Together") and Lisa Cordileone (Abby of "Easy Abby") to the show for a chat on all things "Abby" and some great hints about Season 2 (www.easyabby.com). Some cool "Glee" news, a short summary on the VMA's, and a new "Getting To Know You" with long time listener, Holli. The New Music spotlight is on rockin' hot Antigone Rising (www.antigonerising.com) and the Internet Golden Nugget of the Week is www.lovegirls.co.uk a comprehensive website for everything you could need or want as a girl who loves girls & the girl scene in the UK. Events in the States, Australia and the UK are announced, and the event line-up for WomenFest 2013 is shared (www.womenfest.com