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Jun 28th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 4:35 pm

Once again, Denise is live in the Florida studio with Donna with tons of talk on the food, the friends & the fun on a most momentous night, after the Supreme Court announcements on DOMA and Prop 8. The ladies take calls from Dana Goldberg and Jill Bennett and their newest fan, Cooper, from Ohio, who got lucky enough to score some Pride interviews for the ladies of The Lounge with Fortune Feimster and Dana Goldberg! All kinds of good stuff, right here, ladies. Join us on Facebook and Twitter, and find our comedy soap opera "All My Girlfriends" at www.tellofilms.com/podcasts - Remember, UK'ers, you can see Denise & Donna AND Jill Bennett along with BETTY, all this July 19-22 at L-Fest in Uttoxeter, UK - get your tickets now www.lfrst.co.uk

Jun 20th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 10:35 am

Live, together again! Denise & Donna are back in the Florida studio together and the laughs kick off with travels, food talk, gossip, listener call-ins, and a cool ticket giveaway for an Ohio comedy show with Fortune Feimster and Dana Goldberg. Be sure to tune in next week for another Wednesday full of laughs with Denise still in town. Get in touch with us NOW to be a part of the next round of "Getting to Know You" interviews being recorded on Saturday, June 29th. Contact us via Facebook, Twitter or email to schedule your call-in and let us interview YOU! 

Jun 15th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 10:37 am

After a two week absence the ladies reconnect with a bang and a full chatroom! A newbie fan from Columbus, Ohio makes a good impression, the TONY awards get glossed, and some good news in the headlines for the lesbians. The "Getting to Know You" is on Denise this week. The New Music spotlight shines on BETTY (www.hellobetty.com) as they prepare to headline at L-Fest 2013 (www.lfest.co.uk) A question from www.TheLesbianQuestion.com sends the girls into a giggle fit as they try to answer it. The Cool Site of the Week is www.ontopmag.com and the Cool Blog is www.qjew.wordpress.com plus a summer stinger of a Drink of the Week.

Next week, Denise is in the Florida studio with Donna and all hell is likely to break loose, so set a reminder to tune in! Keep your calendar clear for Saturday June 29th, and the ladies clear the date to take calls for all new "Getting to Know You" interviews! Become a member of the Facebook group for updates on how YOU can be a part of this wildly popular segment! https://www.facebook.com/groups/DeniseAndDonnaTLL/?ref=ts&fref=ts