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Apr 26th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 2:42 pm

First off, thank you to the live listeners who tried sticking it out through our tech difficulties! We hope this super fast podcast upload will make up for it! Ok, the ladies welcome Denise Spivak of WIN (wwomeninnetwork.com) to the studio, who gets to meet Aunt Joan for the first time. Aunt Joan says good bye, as she heads back to NY for the summer. The girls catch up on their weeks: Denise scores big at the American Store, Donna attends a swanky gay cocktail event at the Center after her Mom's big birthday bash. Cathy DeBuono joins the show live for a LONG overdue catch-up with the girls! All kinds of new & interesting projects in the works for Cathy, as she continues to bring you amazing talk on LATalkRadio on Mondays with "Cathy Is In". Some news, tweets & texts are covered, before an hilarious "Getting to Know You" from Win-Denise. Joan Ov Arc is the featured New Music - this all girl rock band will be tearing up the stage at L-Fest this summer, so get familiar with them at www.joanovarc.co.uk More "Lesbianisms" from BoundMag.com are announced before the ladies wrap up after a frustrating and exhausting evening! (not even due to PMS!)  For quick links & new graphics go to www.MyLesbianRadio.com

Apr 20th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 11:09 am

Fasten your seatbelts, it's a wild ride tonight! The ladies get caught up on the past week- Donna's youth sex seminar for OUTlet at the Pride Center, and Denise & Jemma's getaway weekend in Weymouth and at Monkey World. Big news for the girls, as TelloFilms.com finally releases the MyLesbianRadio audio, comedy lesbian soap opera "All My Girlfriends" - Seasons 1 and 2 are now available for download exclusively at www.TelloFilms.com/podcasts More big news, Denise's short story "11:55" has been selected by www.WhenSallyMetSally.co.uk to be published in a new anthology of 15 stories, due out June 1st. Joining the girls live on the phones are producer Deb Mosk and playwrite & actress Sara Moore, who discuss a new play "Wunder World" debuting in San Francisco July 13th.  Later, the studio gets LIT up by the outrageous Fay Carmona, of www.BoundMag.com as she reconnects with Denise & Donna. New music from (www.lfest.co.uk) L-Fest headliner, international songstress Marina Celeste (www.marinaceleste.com) The ladies do a real time, live "Getting to Know You" with Fay, and also they discuss BoundMag.com and how they're first year being Miami's premiere lesbian website has flown by. A few events get announced, remember, next week, the ladies welcome longtime friend, Cathy DeBuono! www.MyLesbianRadio.com

Apr 13th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 1:18 pm

The ladies kick it off with a discussion on Donna's new ride, and Denise highlights Hazel's goddaughter's visit. Some super snarky Shout Outs from Denise due to her PMS. The Dinah reports are in. Some great "Texts From Last Night" picks by listener Lori Collins, and Top Tweets get announced. New music by Beth Prior (www.soundcloud.com/beth-prior) is highlighted. Beth will be playing at L-fest, so check out the line-up & get your ticket to the summer's best festival at www.lfest.co.uk -one price (£99) for the whole weekend & all the events: July 19-22. The ladies answer some questions sent in by TheLesbianQuestion.com followers. The ABC's of www.BoundMag.com 's "Lesbianisms" are run down. The Bar Tab includes Cool Site: www.secondshot.tv - for the best lesbian web series you'll lay eyes on. The Cool Place is an adorable lesbian owned & operated B&B called Greenwood Guest House in Weymouth, near Dorset, England (www.greenwoodguesthouse.co.uk) and the Cool Drink is an Arizona Stinger. Events in Miami, Ft Laud, Tallahassee, St. Pete/Tampa FL, Phoenix, L.A. & London are listed. For easy clicks to our featured sites & musicians, check out www.MyLesbianRadio.com and join us on Facebook: www.facebook.com.GetYourKittyOnMLR or follow us on Twitter @LesbianLounge  Next week: in-studio guest: Fay Tatiana of BoundMag.com & interviews with Deb Mosk & Sara Moore of "Wunder World" a new San Fran play, and April 24th- Cathy DeBuono checks in!

Apr 5th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 2:51 pm

Big surprises tonight, as the girls announce the 2013 line-up for L-Fest (www.lfest.co.uk) featuring music by BETTY, Rachel Sage, Eeek, GreyMatter, HeadsHearts & more! Of course, as you know, Jill Bennett will be bringing "Second Shot" her new web series to L-Fest - that's right you heard us- Jill Bennett at L-Fest in England with the MLR crew! More big surprises as Denise's mother stops by the Florida studio for a guest chat, along with stepdad Rick, and the meatball makin' Aunt Joan. Nothing like a little family catch-up live on the air! Shout outs continue with some theatre news from the States, and from the UK. A great music discovery called "Shut Eye" who you may have heard in the web series "The Throwaways" and "Easy Abby"- www.shuteyemusic.com Later, the girls point a few "Lesbianisms" from www.BoundMag.com and the Bar Tab's Cool Site & Blog is double whammy called www.OffbeatEmpire.com which includes blogs, resources, and info on the alternative lives we lead. Events from St. Pete, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles & London are run down as the night winds down. Visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GetYourKittyOnMLR and follow us on Twitter @LesbianLounge  For easy clicks & links to the stuff we talk about, go to www.MyLesbianRadio.com This month's live guests are Fay Tatiana of BoundMag.com on April 10th, Deb Mosk & Sara Moore on April 17th to discuss a new play in San Francisco this July and on April 24th it's ....Cathy DeBuono!