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Mar 29th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 2:54 pm

The ladies recap their weeks especially the part about Sunday, having a bi-continental get-together to view the live stream of Eeek's EP launch party & concert! Get the new EP now at www.eeekmusic.bandcamp.com -Shout outs include a reminder to watch the L-Fest website this Friday March 29th, when the line-up, events and bands are announced for 2013 (www.lfest.co.uk)  and an update on our Horse Look-A-Like contest (see our MLR site for an example), submit your photo via email by April 1st to win a signed Horse "Home" CD. Also, the ladies announce their picks & a little wager on The Dinah Weekend Dodgeball Competition this April 6th in Palm Springs- it's the Celesbians versus the Go Go Dancers and Jill Bennet has talked some smack, so tweet us or Facebook-post to us YOUR picks- any money won will be donated to the HRC. Big news about Prop 8 and DOMA at SCOTUS is reviewed. An MLR team member is our "Getting to Know You" interview. New music from Chicago's candy thrash all girl band "Swimsuit Addition" is featured (www.swimsuitaddition.com) tonight. The Cool Site is www.Lstop.org and the Cool Blog is www.onethirstyfish.blogspot.com -Denise announces God-des & She are coming to Candy Bar in London on April 24th as well as some of their upcoming US tour dates! (www.god-desandshe.com for more info)  Stick with us, ladies! Follow us on Twitter @LesbianLounge and Join us on Facebook.com/GetYourKittyOnMLR You can Email us denise@mylesbianradio.com or donna@mylesbianradio.com or Facebook message us anytime!

Mar 28th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 10:38 pm

Is Sex better than Chocolate? Check out Movies á La Queer's review of "Better Than Chocolate"!

Have a film in mind? Drop a tweet @MoviesAlaQueer or visit their Podbean for more info!

Mar 22nd, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 10:49 am

Big night in The Lounge! The girls catch up on their weekend activities: Denise & Jem's visit with Eeek band mates Lucy & Mandy Burton in Birmingham, and Donna's food fest with Denise's Aunt Joan! Jill Bennett calls in to the show for a long overdue chat! Her new web series "Second Shot" will be debuting at The Dinah on April 5th and Jill announces that the first 2 episodes be available for everyone on April 5-6th to celebrate The Dinah weekend, so keep an eye on on the "Second Shot" Facebook page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/secondshotseries - Later, the girls gorge on snacks while  covering Shout Outs, news, tweets, Movies á La Queer "60 Second -MAlQ", and new music from Adrianne Gonzalez is highlighted at www.youtube.com/songsbyAG -Some advice is given out to a young lesbian in India who wrote in through www.TheLesbianQuestion.com -The girls have a laugh at "Lesbianisms" from www.BoundMag.com and the Cool Site & Blog of the Week are discussed- www.Homorazzi.com and www.OhiLondon.wordpress.com -A run down of Pride events in the States + Donna's Pride Center happenings are listed. For more info check out www.pridecenterflorida.org -Oh, hey- Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GetYourKittyOnMLR and follow us on Twitter: @LesbianLounge

Mar 15th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 2:49 am

The girls have an evening full of technology nightmares, but make the best of it! Back next week live but for now- enjoy this recording of the regular show. Big news: Denise passes her UK test, Donna gets some home-cooking from Aunt Joan, and hits South Florida Pride. Shout outs to Frank DeCaro from SiriusXM and his new YouTube show "Flaming Screens", the Movies a la Queer teaser temps us with a new lezzie movie review, and favourite Tweets & Texts From Last Night are announced. After the news, a great "Getting to Know You" from Dalila Ali Rajah of Cherry Bomb TV, some new music from an old Lesbian Lounge friend, Lori Michaels- as her new release "Rain Down Love" stomps up the iTunes charts. The Bar Tab gives you a great website for kids in LGBT families (or any family, really!) with www.dottiesmagicpockets.com plus the Cool Blog is actually a list of great blogs from www.Epochalips.com website under "Our Stories" and the Drink of the Week is an easy to make shot- a Black Bear. Check out MyLesbianRadio.com for quick clicks & links to all cool stuff! Follow us on Twitter @lesbianLounge and check us out on Facebook !!

Mar 15th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 2:48 am

"Everyone wants to be...  "Kissing Jessica Stein!" -- I know Sarita does! (full info on the link)

Have a film in mind? Drop a tweet @MoviesAlaQueer or visit their Podbean for more info!

Mar 8th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 2:07 am

The girls review their weeks- Denise's bathroom antics, and movie night, and Donna's tells a little about the Healthy Happy Hour at The Pride Center. Shout out's are given, a new short film by Katie Shannon called "Morning After" is discussed and a quick teaser on "D.E.B.S." from the cuties at "Movies a la Queer" is played. Favourite Tweets & Texts From Last Nights are picked, news & gay stuff is reported and a blast from our past is the "Getting to Know You" guest. New music from Perpetual Detour is played (www.perpetualdetour.com) Some anti-Dinah dating advice is dispensed. The Cool Blog is www.mrsandmrsjonestravel.com and the Cool Site is www.BoundMag.com featuring South FL lezzies, and with some very awesome "Lesbianisms" we'll share weekly! The new She Magazine is out now, you can read Denise's interview with Dido at www.shemag.com and also her interview with Dr. Greg Cason of Bravo's "L.A. Shrinks" is now online at www.advocate.com and for the ultimate interview, go to www.americanlezinlondon.blogspot.com - Check out MyLesbianRadio.com for all the easy clicks & links to just about anything we've talked about on the show!

Mar 6th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 4:16 pm

Who wouldn't love a nice, fun, Lezzy-Spy film? We've got D.E.B.S.! (full info on the link)

Have a film in mind? Drop a tweet @MoviesAlaQueer or visit their Podbean for more info!

Mar 1st, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 1:43 am

The girls kick it off with a recap of the weekend- Denise's FM radio debut on Out In Brighton with Kathy Caton (podcast posted on MyLesbianRadio.com) and Poker lessons. Donna shares her Saturday evening and together, the girls discuss Sunday's Oscar Night- texting, live-tweeting, eating and watching the Oscars together. Shout Outs cover 4 different new web series you should know about, from Rakefet Abergel's "Breaking Fat" to Jill Bennett's "Second Shot". News, Tweets, Gay Stuff and Movies a la Queer are announced. Chat room captain JRoe is the "Getting To Know You" of the week, new music not only features a singer, but a web site as well. www.thegirlsare.com is a great site for women's indie music, and electro-swing sensation Little Violet (www.littleviolet.co.uk) is plucked from it and featured tonight. The girls answer some emails from TheLesbianQuestion.com and the Bar Tab features a UK women's football fan site called www.GirlsWithBallz.net and a very cool lesbian cartoon about dyke life called Geez Louise that you can find at www.GeezLouiseShow.com created by Angela Adams with new episodes up monthly. For easy clicks to podcasts, music and lezzie magazine sites - stop by www.MyLesbianRadio.com - join our Facebook Group The Lesbian Lounge or the Facebook My Lesbian Radio community page and follow us on Twitter @LesbianLounge