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Lesbian Lounge - January 2, 2013
Jan 3rd, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 3:49 pm

Happy Fucking New Year!!

The girls kick it off with a run down of their New Years celebrations, then roll into Shout Outs, and some funny Tweets & Text From Last Night winners. The news & gay gossip is discussed. "Getting to KNow You" with Lucy & Mandy Burton of the UK music group "Eeek" is played, plus a bonus "Getting to Know You" with comedian Dana Goldberg. New Music features Jana Fisher ( The ladies dish out advice to readers from who write in with questions. The Cool Website is and the Cool Blog is -plus a tasty Butterscotch Martini is the Drink of the Week. A list of South Florida events from WIN is announced, plus some UK events for women by Elaine MacKenzie of For easy links on all things mentioned- go to

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