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Jan 25th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 9:13 pm

The girls discuss their weeks, including the snow in England, the inauguration in the States and a drag show in Florida. Shout outs and reminders are announced. News & gay stuff is reported. We "Get to Know" producer Vicky tonight. Our new music find is Daphne Willis (www.daphnewillis.com)  Some acceptance speeches from Golden Kitty winners are read, and the Bar Tab features Cool Site of the Week www.tomboytailors.com as well as a Cool Blog called www.thisqueerfamilia.wordpress.com and an amazing gin based grapefruit cocktail as Drink of the Week. A quick run down of events is covered before the girls wrap it up. Great chat room tonight! Huge thanks to the people that come and hang out during the live show, and many thanks to you patient podcasters! For music, magazines, videos and easy links, go click all over www.MyLesbianRadio.com

Jan 17th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 2:11 pm

The girls kick it off with some Golden Kitty Award winner's responses and acceptance speeches, then a weekly recap, and some Golden Globes chat. A huge announcement from TelloFilms,com - they are merging with OneMoreLesbian.com to make OML a massive, global lesbian content website, and now will include Tello's original programming. Tweets, Texts From Last Night, news & gay stuff is discussed. A new "Getting to Know You" is aired. The New Music spotlight is on self taught singer, song writer & guitarist Laila Nur, of North Carolina (www.whoislailanur.com) -The girls dish out some advice in Ask the Double D's (from TheLesbianQuestion.com) The Cool Website is www.tvjam.co.uk and the Cool Blog is www.thelingerielesbian.com plus a Cool Drink called a Coconut Breeze. For easy clicks to She Magazine, new music, podcasts & more, go to www.MyLesbianRadio.com

Jan 11th, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 8:30 am

That's right, it's THAT time of year! Hear the Red Carpet Live Pre-Show -what they wore, who they saw, what kind of munchies were in the green room- all before they roll into the "5th Annual Golden Kitty Awards for the Best & Worst of 2012". Denise & Donna announce their picks for all sorts of categories, such as Best Surprise Guest, Best Interview, Best Pee Moment, Best Dare Fulfilled, Best Meal, Best Lesbian Web Series, Best Lesbian Film, Worst Lesbian Couple, Best Lesbian on TV, Best TV Snarky Bitch, Biggest Tool of 2012, Best Lesbian Content Site, Best Band, and more! Join Denise, Donna, WIN-Denise, and Producer Vicki and stay tuned to the very end for one of the most hilarious show clips from this past March. A great year end wrap-up full of past show clips and moments from 2012 along with the very prestigious Golden Kitty winners revealed.

Jan 3rd, 2013 by mylesbianradio at 3:49 pm

Happy Fucking New Year!!

The girls kick it off with a run down of their New Years celebrations, then roll into Shout Outs, and some funny Tweets & Text From Last Night winners. The news & gay gossip is discussed. "Getting to KNow You" with Lucy & Mandy Burton of the UK music group "Eeek" is played, plus a bonus "Getting to Know You" with comedian Dana Goldberg. New Music features Jana Fisher (www.janafisher.com) The ladies dish out advice to readers from TheLesbianQuestion.com who write in with questions. The Cool Website is www.Gaelick.com and the Cool Blog is www.butchtastic.net -plus a tasty Butterscotch Martini is the Drink of the Week. A list of South Florida events from WIN www.womeninnetwork.com is announced, plus some UK events for women by Elaine MacKenzie of www.theglassbar.org.uk For easy links on all things mentioned- go to www.MyLesbianRadio.com