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Nov 26th, 2012 by mylesbianradio at 1:30 pm

The 7th Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Drunk Dial Show rolls on! The girls recap their weeks, and give shout-outs while drinking up & going over Thanksgiving plans & Menus. Tweets of the Week are read, show clips from 2007-2009 that include Carly Pope, Devan from GIRL Radio, Cathy DeBuono and Jemma are played. New Music from Delicata is spotlighted (www.delicatamusic.com) The Bar Tab includes Cool Website www.QueerCents.com for queer interested in money manuevers, savings, recovery, or just staying on track financially. The Cool Blog is a two-for one offer! The Other Mom, and her partner Mama Drama have blogs about fostering kids (over 25 times), adopting and their own biological son - all over two blogs: www.othermothersblog.blogspot.co.uk and www.mamadrama-timestwo.blogspot.co.uk -PLUS a super Thanksgiving Day Drink recipe is given and the info for Hey Soiree-Lady's Night by Elaine McKenzie on Dec 7th is announced. (www.theglassbar.org.uk) For links to music, podcasts, SHE Magazine, L-Fest and more, go to www.MyLesbianRadio.com

Nov 20th, 2012 by mylesbianradio at 2:23 pm

Stellar night of entertainment as the girls kick it off -recounting their week, giving some big shout outs, and making some huge announcements: Heather Peace heads to Oz (www.heatherpeace.com) , L Fest has a new date & home (www.lfest.co.uk) and our regular live show time starting next Wed. Nov. 21st will be 7pm EST/4pm PST/Midnight GBR - so DON'T FORGET! An hour earlier!

Politics, celeb gossip and gay news is discussed. The all new "Getting to Know You" segment airs with first guest: director ("The Seer") Linda Andersson. New music spotlights "Girl in A Coma"- a trio girl band from San Antonio (www.girlinacoma.com) The ladies give advice to the brave souls who write in through www.TheLesbianQuestion.com in "Ask The Double D's". The topic of fart sniffing comes up. The Bar Tab highlights bookworm & writer's resource www.amazingdreamspublishing.com and http://www.phillesbian.com/ for the lesbians of Philadelphia, an easy, breezy Drink of the Week and a reminder about L-Festive tickets for Dec 1st in Birmingham, UK with great music, all day fun, games & prizes! For links to the stuff we talked about tonight, and easy podcast listening- go towww.MyLesbianRadio.com and browse!
Nov 12th, 2012 by mylesbianradio at 1:28 pm

With the ladies back in separate countries, the show goes on! Congrats to President Obama on 4 more years! A run-down of the week past while Denise was in the States covers the food & fun! Shout outs to the friends, family & guests who visited, checked in or called in. Big news for Fortune Feimster, favorite tweets & Text From Last Night, more on politics, news & gay stuff. The ladies air their interview with the entire cast of "5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche," NY's smash off-Broadway play at the Soho Theater. New music from the UK band, "Eeek" is featured. The girls answer your questions from TheLesbianQuestion.com.  Plus, the Cool Website, Blog & Drink are announced:  www.GayPolitics.com, www.LesbianFamily.com and a stellar Ginger Champagne Punch recipe. Back next week, with all new "Getting to Know You" segments with a bunch of our listeners! For links to SHE Magazine, Eeek Music, and ticket info for the play, go to www.MyLesbianRadio.com .

Nov 6th, 2012 by mylesbianradio at 5:43 pm

Denise and her wife Jemma  are live  in studio for this Halloween edition of the Lesbian Lounge. Listen now to see what "tricks" and "treats" the girls have in store for you!

Nov 4th, 2012 by mylesbianradio at 1:55 pm

Denise is on a vacation back in the states and live in studio with Donna and surprise visitor musician JD Danner. With the phone line open, calls come in from old friends of the show:  Jamison Lee, Fortune Feimster, Dana Goldberg, Chantal Carrere, and Diane Anderson-Minshall. (Of course, hilarity ensues.) Don't miss this one!