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May 20th, 2012 by mylesbianradio at 3:54 pm

The evening kicks off with Denise's blurry hangover recovery tale and sharing the weekend's events at Bockett Farm. Donna reviews her Mother's Day. Shout Outs to JD Danner (www.jddanner.com) who's CD "Hometown Hereos" just launched. The AfterEllen.com 's Hot 100 List voting has started, so make your vote count. The girls talk TelloFilms.com and the new partnership involving their comedy soap "All My Girlfriends" debuting this summer. Pride Season gets underway and few Stateside festivals are announced. Brighton Fringe is happening this May in the UK (www.brightonfringe.org) and Birmingham Pride is set for June 2-3, along with L Fest (www.lfest.co.uk) in July. The Cool Blog is www.themostcake.co.uk - The Cool Site is www.lesbian.com and the Cool Place is the Harriet Hancock Community & Pride Center in Columbia, SC (www.scpride.org/center) The chat room rocks, as usual. The ladies get to know more listeners and wrap with questions from www.TheLesbianQuestion.com.

May 13th, 2012 by mylesbianradio at 3:26 pm

With in-studio guest Denise Spivak of "Women in Network" (www.womeninnetwork.com), the girls start off on their best behaviour until Denise tips the King's Ginger bottle one too many times. Big announcements regarding President Obama and gay marriage rights. Some shocking news of UK lezzie music festival cancellations: Lady Rock Festival and Go-Go Festival both take a dive within days of each other, citing recession related reasons. Denise reads a statement from Cindy Edwards of The L-Fest and how they're in NO danger of cancelling, and ready to party this July (www.lfest.co.uk)  US Events include the WIN Reef Snorkeling Trip off Pompano Pier in Florida (Denise Spival gives the details) also, the Lambda Literary Awards Ceremony in NYC is announced (www.lambdaliterary.org) In the UK, a luncheon with The Dining D's is noted (www.diningdykes.co.uk) and www.planet-london.com for all your lesbian UK events is spotlighted. The Bar Tab includes Cool Blog: www.sugarbutch.net -Cool Place to Hang is The Depot in Ft. Lauderdale (www.thedepotbar.com) Cool Website is www.womeninnetwork The girls get close with their Facebook group members, and Get to Know yet another listener and later wrap up with advice for readers who write in at TheLesbianQuestion.com

May 1st, 2012 by mylesbianradio at 9:29 pm

Donna's birthday show kicks off with a little rewind about the week past and her movie review of "Elena Undone". Denise has a message from Jem to everyone thanking them for her birthday messages & post. Denise's Mom arrives safely in England. D&D text messages are shared regarding the discovery of Ginger Cheese. Shout outs to Weezer, who's bringing The Cooter Cafe to MLR with Chantal Carrere, and also coming to MLR:  "Return to Sender" from MLR's favorite Canadian lezzy Mom, Sandra Sanchez. MLR UK staff photog, the very talented listener Lizzy Doe is starting her new music CD "Black Mud & Lullabies", donate here: www.indiegogo.com/blackmud. Thanks to Amanda in Sydney, Australia for her recent donation to MLR. Reminders about the podcast feed and new subscription info are given. Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival news is shared. (www.mglff.com) Denise surprises Donna with an interview with Stacy Codikow of Power Up Films, who sends birthday wishes and gives listeners an update on their movie "GirlTrash-All Night Long" (www.girltrashallnightlong.com) debuting in Miami on May 2nd. The girls "get close to" a Ft. Lauderdale listener from their Facebook Group. The Bar Tab includes Cool Site: www.powerupfilms.org and a great round up of all the popular LGBT blogs at www.lgbtblogs.com, the Cool Place is The Fireplace in Washington DC (www.fireplacedc.com) and the Drink of the Week is an Orange Crushed. Some UK birthday messages get played for Donna. The "Getting to Know You" is none other than Donna's fiance' Deb, and the girls wrap with advice for questions sent in from TheLesbianQuestion.com.