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Apr 21st, 2012 by mylesbianradio at 11:51 am

Awesome night in the Lounge! The girls catch up on the rewind, discussing biking, farting, a hot blonde, a blast from the past: "All My Girlfriends" news, and the Seder Q. Denise applauds the new L-Fest site www.lfest.co.uk and reminds everyone to come see her & the L Crew at Birmingham Pride June 2-3. US & UK events are announced, especially the return of "Lip Service" this Friday, April 20, on BBC3 - starring Ruda Gedmintas and Heather Peace. Perfect, because we have Heather Peace - right now - on this show! (www.heatherpeace.com) Denise chats with actor & musician Heather Peace of TV's "Lip Service" and "Waterloo Road" who has a new CD "FairyTales" due out May 14th and a summer tour about to kick off!  Later, the girls "Get Close" to a Lesbian Lounge Facebook Group member from Oz. The Bar Tab includes Cool Site: www.blagss.org (Brighton Lesbian & Gay Sports Society), Cool Blog: www.yourdailylesbianmoment.blogspot.com & Cool Place: The Marlborough Pub in Brighton, U.K. www.drinkinbrighton.com/marlborough and the Drink of the Week is an Irish Light. "Getting to Know You" highlights a favorite listener, and the ladies wrap up by answering your questions submitted through TheLesbianQuestion.com.  The show goes out with the new Heather Peace single “Better Than You.”

Don't forget to visit our friends at www.tellofilms.com, www.shemag.com, www.discoversweet.com, www.lfest.co.uk and www.gogofestival.com.

Apr 16th, 2012 by mylesbianradio at 8:59 pm

Startin' it off with a few drinks to add to the chaos. The ladies discuss Denise's new bicycle and her first ride…since 2001. Holiday weekends get detailed from food, families, movies, fun, Easter and Passover menus & cooking. Big news from UK's "The Glass Bar" and Elaine MacKenzie (www.theglassbar.org.uk).The girls have FREE tickets to give away for The GoGo Festival (www.GoGoFestival.com), and a very simple contest is announced. Proud to annouce that the movie "Bully" is now rated PG-13. Well done, people! Power Up Films is back with "GirlTrash-All Night Long" coming to the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival on May 2nd at The Colony Theater. Go to www.mglff.com or www.powerupfilms.org for more info. Candy Parker is back with a SWEET announcement - a Sweeties Cookbook to benefit the Cozumel Humane Society with Sweet Travel friends & guests submitting recipes (www.discoversweet.com). Our "Close to You" moment spotlights listener Amanda Silva. The Bar Tab features the: Cool Site: www.mrsandmrsproducts.co.uk, Cool Blog:  www.OhTheThingsMommiesDoBlog.com, Cool Place: Azul in Palm Springs, CA www.azultapaslounge.com, and Drink of the Week: Vanilla Coke. The ladies discuss the April 2012 SHE Magazine (www.shemag.com) and a WIN Night that coincides with the cover girl!  "Getting to Know You" highlights Lori C. in upstate NY. The ladies wrap with answering questions submitted by TheLesbianQuestion.com.

Apr 8th, 2012 by mylesbianradio at 1:33 pm

Another stellar night of entertainment & information, ladies! Denise recalls her weekend, going to see comedian Sarah Millican at The Apollo Theater in London. Donna has very little recall, spending the weekend still unpacking boxes as DaddyRah gets comfy sharing the same household. Donna updates us on the melding of the fat cats. US & UK events are discussed as the UK gets ready for a Bank Holiday 4 day weekend (www.planet-london.com, info@wow-events.uk.com, www.l-wired.com for more info.) Shout Outs get shouted out. "Getting to Know You" features a close friend of Cubby's. Info on "Jan's Coming Out" movie DVD on Amazon.com and July's L-Fest (www.lfest.co.uk) are discussed. We "Get Close To You", Lisa Cunningham, Facebook Lesbian Lounge group member! The Bar Tab features Cool Site: www.ProudThreads.com, a very cool graphics t-shirt company for us queers that actually donates money to different LGBT community-friendly charity organizations. (Listeners - use code DCDD in April for 15% off!) Check it out & support! The Cool Blog is www.PinkInTheSheets.wordpress.com for lesbian questions & answers from Mz. Pink, Cool Places are The Wild Rose Bar in Seattle, WA (www.thewildrosebar.com) and in the UK, The Green Carnation in Soho, London (www.greencarnationsoho.co.uk) and is the Drink of the Week is a fabulous & easy Raspberry Cocktail. The ladies tackle questions sent in from TheLesbianQuestion.com as they wrap up. Don't forget to visit www.TelloFilms.com as McManusLand is BACK! Join Cubby on Sunday's at 1 pm EST for "Cubby's Re-Mickz" right here! Tweet us @LesbianLounge or join our Facebook group.

Apr 3rd, 2012 by mylesbianradio at 7:36 pm

A great show  kicks off with some rewind chat about the past week and some upcoming events in the UK: Dyke March London (March 31st Soho Square 5pm) and in the US: An Evening with Women, May 16th at the Beverley Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, CA with Linda Perry and Kat Von D - get tickets NOW at www.lagaycenter.org. News about The Go Go Festival (June 8-10) is announced starting with the kick off featuring Uh Huh Her & BETTY, and all weekend long - Bitch, Peaches, StooShe, The Noisettes, Jill Jackson, Walllis Bird and much more, plus FREE tickets, coming soon! Denise scores a one on one interview with ABC's "GCB" star, Leslie Bibb ("Popular", "Iron Man", "Talladega Nights") who speaks up about the documentary film "Bully" and how important it is to create some awareness to help stop bullying. Shout Outs are given to some listeners & friends. An interviewTwitter sensation and new E! channel star Jenny Mollen (44,000 followers!) is interviewed in a fun conversation from a while ago. The Bar Tab features Cool Site: www.LesbianSugarLounge.com. The Cool Blog is www.beersandqueersinc.wordpress.com and the Cool place is Cattivo in Pittsburgh, PA (www.cattivo.biz). The Drink of the Week is a Starburst Shooter. Our "Getting to Know You" is a chat room favorite, Miss Delish of Alabama, and We "Get Close To" Facebook Group Member Erika Hogan. The ladies wrap with advice for followers from TheLesbianQuestion.com, who write in asking for help. As usual, visit our friends at www.shemag.com, www.discoversweet.com and tellofilms.com.