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Mar 31st, 2012 by mylesbianradio at 3:23 pm

Well...what can we say? Every once in a while, when we think we've topped ourselves, a show like this happens. First off, Denise's obsession with finding a Taco Bell in England prompts Donna to make a run for the border and get herself Taco Bell for dinner tonight. The ladies discuss "Jan's Coming Out" being released on DVD though Amazon.com and being at L-Fest in July. Also, the headliners for L-Fest are announced as Tracey Love (of the L Fest Team) guest-chats in the chat room for the first time. Denise's Mom gives an update on Italian VooDoo in a hilarious interview. The girls discover lesbian comedian Kristen Becker from Buffalo, NY, who hosts "Doin' Time" Open Mic Nights and "Dykes of Hazard" monthly in the WNY area. Denise has a great interview with Kristen, who's comedy CD is out now on her website www.kristenbeckercomedy.com. In the new segment "Close to You", the ladies select a Lesbian Lounge Facebook Group member to spotlight, and this week, it's Tracey Love. US & UK Events are announced. The Bar Tab features Cool Website of the Week: www.ItGetsBetter.Org for LGBT Youth. Hear about how it all got started and its goals, and help this very cool website in providing for our youth. The Cool Place is Roxy's at 884 Main St in Buffalo, NY- a little dyke bar with atmosphere. The Cool Blog is www.cardcarryinglesbian.com. LA's trendy blogger Sasha will give you some insight on lesbian life in Los Angeles. The Drink of the Week is a Gin Fling. And... here's where it all goes south. As the ladies begin Ask the Double D's, it seems Donna was waving her papers, and Denise realizes Donna Taco Bell farted and dutch oven'ed poor Producer Vicki! As if that's not enough, the fit of laughter causes a full on pants pee. Unable to recover, the ladies have to wrap the show! www.lfest.co.uk Get your ticket NOW!